Word Doc Suggestion

A player of mine had a suggestion for the Word Doc Rules:
“Can you request that they put in the page numbers, table of contents and make all the spells names a level 6 heading? That way we play testers can better utilize their work and when giving feedback we can indicate a specific page number where we fould an error in their work? I know it’s a nit picky thing but it does go a long way to cutting down the “page flipping time” when trying to provide useful critique for them.
in microsoft word 2007 you just go to the “INSERT” tab and choose “Page numbers” it will drop down a box and I usually just choose “Bottome of the Page” => “Page X of Y” with the numbers showing on the right most side.
Under the “REFERENCE” tab Choose “Table of Contents” It will drop down a box and I choose “Insert Table of Contents” I usually click the heading level down to 6 to make sure I get everything showing and hit OK.
Making the index for the spells is a little more labor intensive because I had to go through each spell and set the spell name to a level 6 heading invidually but once it’s done in their “master version” it should need to be done again.
I hope this helps bud.”

Are you guys running off of printed copies? I only ask because MS Word actually shows the page number in the bottom-left corner, if you look carefully :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve printed a couple copies for reference at the table.

If your friend has a word doc in which they’ve already done this, we could look into using that as a platform for further edits. Send it to tavis@autarch.co if so!