Wording on "Withdrawal"

OK. Playing through a few rounds here (I’m working the 2 Ogre Infantry vs. 3 LI, 2 HI, 2 LC face-off I mentioned in my other thread).

Withdrawal, under Deal Damage (under Attack Sequence) (I’d list a page number but I’ve got this open in OpenOffice and Bob knows what that did to the pagination)

“To be eligible to withdraw from a missile attack, the unit must not be disordered”.

I know that means disordered before the attack, and not as the result of the attack it’s attempting to withdraw from, but the text doesn’t specifically say.


Right. Perhaps "To be eligible to withdraw, the unit must not have been disordered at the time the attack occurred."


Awesome, thanks.

OK: Battle’s over, and we’re in a pursuit phase.

I’ve determined that all eligible units in the winning army may pursue. This passage:

Add +4 to each pursuit throw if all of the defeated army’s Mounted and Flyer units were destroyed or routed.

Does that also happen if the army had no Mounted or Flyer units to begin with? (and then the following bit about who gets to choose who was routed relates as well)


Yes, if the army had no mounted or flyer units to begin with, it's as if all were destroyed. Another good catch in terms of ambiguous wording. Thank you.

These have been fixed in the draft.