0 Level Hit Points

Can someone please point me to the page reference in the core rulebook with the rules for generating HP for 0th level characters?

I've been generically assigning them a d6 but realized I don't know where I got that from...

I am not an Autarch, but Domains at War indicates that untrained 0th level humans possess 1d4 hp each, while those who've received military training get an upgrade to 1d8-1 hp.

That's correct. It's not actually mentioned in the core rules anywhere - just in Domains At War.

Alex makes a post detailing it in here:


That being said, 1d4 vs 1d4+1 vs 1d6 is all well within any margin of error for them.

Thanks everyone. I've decided to just start assigning 0th level henchfolk 4 hit points, +/- their CON modifier. This works with my new policy of assigning all 1st level PCs full HP at first level. It does make henchmen kind of exceptional but they're on their way to becoming 1st level fighters so I'm good with it.


I was actually curious on how to build a 0th level character. I didn't see it anywhere in the book and I'd like to see what saves, proficiencies, attack rolls, etc they'd have. Thanks!

It's a little scattered across the core book, but it works out roughly thus:

  • 1d4 hp unless they've received military training, in which case it's 1d8-1 (Con modifies as normal)
  • Four general proficiencies to reflect their upbringing and early training.  Normal Men do not get Adventuring, and they may not take advanced levels of a proficiency with these four slots.  Additional general proficiencies from Int bonus may be used to improve existing proficiencies, however.
  • After 5 years in their profession, an additional general proficiency is gained, which may be used to improve an existing proficiency.  Further additional proficiencies are gained after 15, 35, and 70 years in their jobs (the last is only for the longer-lived races).
  • A 0-level character's Saving Throw values can be found on page 108 of the Core Rulebook.
  • A 0-level character hits an unarmored foe (AC 0) on an Attack Throw of 11+.

I think that's everything you need to know to write up a Normal Man.

It's interesting, but with the fairly complete rules for creating 0th level characters and the 100 XP to 1st level rule for Henchmen, it might be kind of fun to run a DCC-style funnel for ACKS characters. I know mages don't have "patrons" in ACKS, but it's not such a leap to let a 1st level character find a natty old spellbook and have the words of their first spell seared into their brain...

in ACKs the 0th level funnel is owned and operated by 1st level PCs, sending their henchman to the front of battles and first down trappy looking hallways.

That was actually my intent haha. I had this plan of starting the players as simple villagers defending their home from raiders and, if successful, gaining their first level after two or three sessions.


in ACKs the 0th level funnel is owned and operated by 1st level PCs, sending their henchman to the front of battles and first down trappy looking hallways.


Heh. My players are not the types. They tend to make close friends with their henchmen and mourn them like their own characters when they die.