0-level / Norman Man saving throws

Embarrassing confession: I can’t seem to find or figure out what saving throws normal 0-level men use! Is it just Fighter 1?

Also, what hit dice do normal men use? 1d8?

This is mostly henchmen, but also applies to e.g. random villagers and townsfolk.

There’s a row on the fighter saves table on page 108 for 0th level.

And I think L0 civilians use 1d4, while L0 mercenaries use 1d8-1 according to DaW.

Oh duh and thanks.

So are 0-level henchmen mercenaries? I guess so. I’m kinda feeling like just giving them 1d8… simpler.

We actually use 1d4 for our L0 henchmen, under the assumption that if there were seasoned mercenaries, they would be wiser than to voluntarily accompany PCs into dungeons :stuck_out_tongue:

My 0th level henchpeople have a d6 for hit points, and can lose hit points if somehow they turned into a mage.

Somewhere around here, Alex says:

"Most (75%) of mercenaries are 0th level. 25% are 1st level fighters or explorers.

I apologize that I wasn’t more specific about this in the Core Rules, but it is detailed in Domains at War.

Conscripted peasants are normal men. They have 1d4 hit points each, fight and save as normal men, and have -2 morale. Such conscripts can be improved through training.

Mercenaries are also normal men, but their training has made them slightly better in combat. They have 1d4+1 hit points each, fight and save as normal men, and have morale appropriate to their level of training (generally +0 to +2).

Veteran mercenaries are 1st level fighters. They have 1d8 hit points* each, fight and save as fighters, do +1 damage with their weapons, and have morale scores 1 point higher than the morale they had as 0th level fighters.

*In general consider 1d4 to provide 3 hit points, 1d4+1 to provide 4 hit points, and 1d8 to provide 5 hit points. A mercenary would never lose hit points by becoming a veteran.

Normal men can use any gear, they are just terrible with all of it. (Note that a mage can also fight with a sword as a normal man, so it isn’t that normal men are privileged experts or something)."