3rd Party Publishers

Hey Autarchs, I’m the president of a very small (we have one pathfinder product out) and very new (It came out 2 months ago) 3rd party publisher. Like all 3PPs we have our product list and our systems, and we’re planning out our line for the coming year.

I really like ACKS. I’ll be running a few games of it this coming year for sure. What’s your policy on 3PPs? I know I’ll be coming up with some custom stuff for ACKS anyway, and I’d love to include some of that in next year’s product line.

Adam, Drop Dead Studios

ACKS is virtually 100% open game content (the exception being a few Auran Empire references and place names - nothing even as major as having to say "Handy Haversack" instead of "Heward's Handy Haversack"), so you can publish ACKS-compatible stuff under the terms of the OGL whether we like it or not. However, we do like third party support and want to encourage it!

One way we do that is with the ACKS Compatibility License in the back of the book (just past the OGL section). This says that you can use the ACKS name and axe logo to indicate compatibility - which is otherwise verboten because of the way that the OGL is set up to handle trademarks. Again, you don't need our permission to do this but feel free to ask if there's anything unclear in the license.

We'll also be glad to help spread the word about Drop Dead Studio's ACKS stuff, which might include bundles on DTRPG, etc.

Thanks for bringing this up, Adam. I too am planning some stuff for ACKS as well. Generally some class stuff and an alternate monster section.