5e D&D OGL

So, the OGL is here and the DMsguild is doing nicely, are there any planes to produce some ACKS goodies for 5e?


It's something we are actively investigating but have not decided on yet. 


Any news on that front?


ACKS is not D&D 5e and im happy for that. 

ACKs has (at least) two distinct parts of it: 

1) the B/X 0e retroclone combat, exploration, etc. rules.
2) the economics of equipment availability/gaining XP from strongholds/war/magic research etc.

only #1 is really addressed by 5e.  most of #2 is left intentionally vague in the 5e rules I've seen/heard of, if it's addressed at all.  I think there's value to having useful tools and guidelines for jamming #2 into 5e's ruleset instead of ACK's #1.