A bit of hassle

I just finished going through the beta doc, and stripping out the v20 domain rules for use and beta testing in our new campaign. It took about 3 hours.
I’m just pointing out, that I’m going to keep running the game that I’m currently running - whether that’s LL, OSRIC, Pathfinder or 4e (or, strangely enough, in this case all of the above), but I’d like to use the economic/domain rules for ACKS.
Is there any way to simplify this process? I promise I don’t need ACKS classes, monsters or spells. I have plenty of books with those in them already.

Sorry about the double post, but I should point out, that this action was only feasible because of the awesome work already done, and the brilliance of releasing the beta as a .txt document. Thank you for that.
Not complaining, just pointing out that I can’t be the only person who wants to integrate domain rules into their existing campaign, rather than play ACKS complete.

Valis - I’m sure many people will want to use the campaign rules for any of a variety of campaigns. That said, we went with an integrated approach because (a) enough of the mechanics work together that it seemed smartest to present a holistic system and (b) we can’t really know in advance what systems people will want to use. It should be easy enough for someone who knows his campaign’s assumptions to just port things over.
I’ve personally used the ACKS system in both my own ACKS campaign, my 3.5 campaign, and my Oriental Adventures ACKS campaign.