A couple of questions from a new fan


I thought I’d ask for a little help as I feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Powers (mostly).

Please excuse me if these questions are way too trivial, I just want to understand fully because in a few days I fell in love with the system, so much so that first I bought the PDF from DTRPG, then couldn’t help myself and ordered a physical copy also from DTRP, even though they have a combo deal at the moment which, I couldn’t use this way, naturally. :slight_smile:

So here they come:

  • Page 458, Manticore’s character sheet: why is his Boomerang Penetrating Strike 16 (42 CP) 42 CP? The Base Cost is 0 or 5, the Variable is 5, the Boomerang modifier increases the Base Cost by 10+MIG, in his case 22, and increases the Variable Cost by 1, so to 6. What am I missing here?
  • Page 267: “Sturm Und Drang can shoot lightning from his fingertips, represented with 11 SPs of Electrical Blast (Base Cost 20, Variable Cost 5, Total Cost 75). Since he doesn’t have the Indirect modifier on the Power, he has to have LOS on all his targets.” - where is the Electrical Blast (Base Cost 20, Variable Cost 5, Total Cost 75) listed? By searching, seemingly I could only find the “indirect” one but not the “naked” Electrical Blast.
  • Page 73: “Let’s imagine that Eduardo is creating the character of Warp, a powerful teleporter. Teleportation has a Base Cost of 50 and a Variable Cost of 10. Eduardo wants Warp to be able to teleport as an Automatic Action (Blinking Teleport, +25 Base Cost, +4 Variable Cost). He wants to use his powers to avoid any attacks (Hyperkinetic Teleportation, +8 Variable Cost) and to be able to teleport others without necessarily traveling himself (Third-Party Teleportation, +2 Variable Cost). Eduardo would record the Power as Blinking Hyperkinetic Third-Party Teleportation, and it would have a Base Cost of 75 and a Variable Cost of 18.” - I think I’m totally lost here. :frowning: How is the Base 75 and the Variable 18?
    Base Cost 50+Base Cost 25 is 75, I’m okay with that, but how do I count the Variables? 10+4+8+2=24, what will modify it to 18?

I’m sure there is a piece of information I didn’t recognize or understood fully, so I ask for your help, if I may.

Manticore’s MIG is 12. Therefore his Base Score in Strike is 12. The Base Cost is 0. The Variable Cost is 4. With Boomerang Strike, the Base Cost increases by (12+10)=22. The Variable Cost increases by 1 to 5. Since he bought 4 SPs of Strike (to go from 12 to 16), he paid 4 SP x 5 CP/SP = 20. 20 + 22 = 42 CP.

Electrical Blast is the Blast power, with the Electrical Damage type.

And THAT is a math error. It’s been noted in Errata (here on the forums). Sorry for causing you confusion!

Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy the game.

That’s a relief, then, thank you! I read the errata this morning, sorry for not doing it before.

Found it, I was just searching for it within the Modifiers, classic error, now reading the whole Power section, it ticks, naturally.

Ah, it makes sense, sorry for being so slow with this one! Since he only bought 4 SPs, he needed to pay only for that. I didn’t take his Base Score is Strike into consideration.

Thank you so much for helping me out so quickly! This is a wonderful game, I’m genuinely happy to have it.