A couple of Version 4 Errata Notes and a Question About Prestidigitation

On page 18:
Should delete the level “13-14” row from Elven Enchanter.
On page 76:
“The standard Assassin has a Thievery Value of 3.” I think the “3” should be “1.”
Regarding the Prestidigitation proficiency/class power:
In reviewing the new Gnomish Trickster class (which is great, although I don’t like the infravision…), I realized I don’t understand the pricing of Presidigitation (either as a custom power or a proficiency). Why is this a 1/2 strength Pick Pocket ability that costs as much as a full strength Pick Pocket ability? Is it implied that the “flavor text” of entertainment and distraction has an actual effect? I’m just curious as to the reason behind the pricing.

The “flavor text” isn’t flavor text - it’s an actual description of what you can do with the power.
“The character can magically accomplish simple illusions and sleight of hand tricks suitable for impressing peasants, such as lighting a candle or shuffling cards, at will. The character must be able to perform the task physically, and be free to speak and gesture. He may use magical sleight-of-hand to pick pockets as a thief of one half his class level.”
It’s essentially a short-range telekinesis that lets you do things you could physically do, but would prefer to do magically. You can use magic to do any simple tasks you could normally do with your hands, such as light a candle, pick up a flask, and so on. That’s worth 1/2 a power.
Examples of this ability’s broad utility:

  1. A scroll is coated with contact poison, so in order to read it, the mage picks it up using Prestidigitation.
  2. A mage has dropped his dagger to seem harmless. He doesn’t want to be seen to be bending over by the snipers on the watch tower. When it’s time to attack, instead of bending down to pick it up, the dagger is suddenly just in his hand.
    If the power were assigned full-strength Pick Pockets it would be better than Pick Pockets because it has other utility. So it got 1/2 Pick Pockets.

That’s great (and what I had hoped would be the answer). Much cooler than just the ability to pick pockets. Thanks for the clarification.