A mysterious tome

I hope this is the right forum for this question.

In the capitol of the borderlands preview, #14 in the gazatteer (Ruined Wizard's Tower) the treasure includes a special book.  The book has a stat line [The Obsidian Shards (Format: Codex; Language: Ancient Zaharan; Topics: Alchemy 2, Elementalism (fire); Complexity 5; Length: 600 pages, Reading Time: 4 days, Value: 1900gp, Weight: 2 3/6 st)]

 Does this book give free proficiencies? Enhance existing ones? Is this all Flavor? In other words: What do these stats mean and where can I find this information?

It's from a supplement called Codex & Scroll which is currently available only to Patreon backers who support my AXIOMS e-zine for ACKS ($1 per month).

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Aha, I was wondering what that treasure entry was about. I'll look forward to that backer kit!

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