A new ACKS campaign on Roll20

I’ve just pulled the trigger on an ACKS campaign using Roll20. I thought I’d advertise it here as well.

Thursdays between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm GMT. Starting in a couple of weeks if enough people sign up.


A campaign using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King system (ACKS). The characters will be based in the city of Parsantium (by Richard Green; http://parsantium.wordpress.com/) with the aim of sandboxing, but typical objectives focused on dungeon crawls (Lost Caverns of Thracia, Dark Tower, Barrowmaze, etc.). More along the lines of “murder hobos” than “save the world”.

I’ll be delving deeper into Roll20 as the campaign progresses, but not initially intending to use maps and tokens other than hand drawn figures via the sketching facility. That is, theater of the mind approach.

GMing style is a mix of old school (mostly you get what you roll) with storytelling forgiveness (story is most important, not simply procedurally stepping through a dungeon). I tend to voice in character and include as much description and NPC interaction as possible. Combat as war not sport.

At last! A chance to play and not GM!!

I’d kill to get in on this, but the time difference sucks (i.e. I’d have to kill both my boss and my SO).

Good luck with your campaign!

Alas for time zones. I look forward to your reports, though!

Thanks for your interest. A pity for the tyranny of time zones. For the first time, I’m contemplating writing a blog… Hmm, do I really have the time for that?

I would play if it would be 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

Thanks for your interest Hareton. Unfortunately, for me, 7:00 - 7:30 is my usual “put the kids to bed” time, so I can’t realistically start any earlier. In fact, occasionally an 8:00 start will be a stretch.

Sounds interesting! Will it be a bi-weekly game? Are you still recruiting? Is there a page with further details or a campaign wiki?

Just in case Stainless doesn’t spot this in time, here’s an update.

We had our first session on Thursday evening and after a few hiccups (Google+ and Roll20 refused to play nice for a couple of us) we got things under way.

There were initially 4 players who showed an interest but for whatever reason, one of them failed to show. A couple of us ran two characters so we weren’t at a disadvantage.

The sessions are scheduled to be weekly, every Thursday evening between 20:00-22:00 GMT and you can find more information at:

Thanks for filling in Rodriguez.

Yep, one of the people who expressed interest seems to have dropped out (not sure, as he hasn’t made any subsequent communication). So there’s space left. Two of the players have doubled up on characters (and then there’s the 6 henchmen…), so if the party looks crowded, some could be put in suspension.

Aiming to play weekly with the occasional break for work or to give me time to prepare.

Come and post in the listings forum if you’re interested.


Thanks SpankyTaz and Stainless, I posted on the roll20 listing board.