About the "Medicine lodge" and "Cloister"


I bought the “Player’s Companion” yesterday and I have a question about the strongholds of Shaman and Priestess. In other character classes, the description of their strongholds says which rules from ACKS rulebook you have to apply (i.e. the Covenant of the which works like the Sanctum).
In the “Medicine Lodge” and “Cloister” there are not any reference to ACKS rulebook. Then, my question is: how the Medicine Lodge and Cloister work?

I think the Cloister probably works like the Fortified Church of clerics. And maybe the Medicine Log is like mages’ sanctum. I’m right?

The description of the medicine lodge in the Shaman’s class write-up mirrors that of a Fortified Church (build at half cost, completely loyal followers, etc.)

The Priestess’s stronghold description is much closer to that of a sanctum, minus the dungeon option. In return, it seems to allow for a greater discount on building costs, plus a larger number of followers.

It’s a completely new stronghold type, it seems.

That being said, using a sanctum-type stronghold for a Shaman has it’s place, if you’re imagining a more weird, witch-doctory sort of Shaman that’s not a religious figure in the traditional Western sense.

Thanks for bringing this up - I totally missed that the Priestess’ stronghold type was so different, and I’m now totally going to yoink it for some custom classes.