Access to Open-Air Portions?

Can you access the open-air portions from the Entry Way (Area 1)?

In the intro to Dungeon Level 1, it says:

“Enterprising adventurers might realize they can clamber up the walls of the open-air portions … The following rooms can be exited and entered in this manner: 13, 18, 19, 42, and 61”

My PCs have discovered this feature, climbing up from Room 13. I showed them the awesome colour picture (on p.48-49), and it appears to show the Entry Way as well as the aforementioned rooms.

Just curious about what the intent was; in my game you can’t climb up from the Entry.

There is a disparity between the text and the imagery.

When originally drafted, the open air portions simply exposed the dome above but there was not a continuous “roof top” area that could be traversed. The entire notion that adventurers could climb up into and move across the open-air portions of the dungeon actually arose when a cunning playtester worked out the geometry of the spherical dome on top of temple complex. We thought that was really cool and made it part of the module.

When the artist Jeff Brown illustrated the dome, his sense of the space led him to conclude that the entry war was accessible. For game play purposes I think it probably plays better if you can only access the open-air portion from 13, 18, 19, 42, and 61.