ACKS and G+

Following Ataraxzy’s lead I’m posing my G+ profile on here too. I’ve not ever role-played on G+ or any virtual table top for that matter but am definitely interested in giving it a go if anyone has some room in their campaign? I live on the west coast of Canada, Pacific Time zone.
+Donald Peterson

im very interested also. what kind of setup do you need, mic and webcam or just mic?

Just mic is fine, a web cam helps (facial and body expression are a large part of communication, plus it’s nice to be able to read lips in a noisy environment) but none of those things are necessary.
I use for mapping and G+ hangouts with extras let you post pics, documents and all sorts of other stuff, it’s 90% of being there at the table and I’m quickly coming to prefer it - I’m so much faster at finding diverse information on a PC than I am w/ purely physical media like books (though those are still better by far for reading and studying).

A good alternative to google plus is which combines dice rolling Web cams and white board in to one neat package.The white board auto sabres between sessions as well

I’m very interested in joining a G+ game so that I may get familiar enough to run one at some point. I have friends scattered across the earth now that I would love to get together and play.

I am happy to run a game if any one is interested. I am in the UK and van only do weekday evenings.