ACKS at 2013 Conventions?

I’m just curious to know if ACKS is going to be run at any of the major conventions this year…? I’m toying with the idea of trying to make Gencon or NTRPG Con.

Not sure about the major ones, but I will be running it during Recess at NYC on January 19th. I will be doing an exploration to Dwimmermount in the evening session. The full schedule is here:

Recess sounds great! I’m about 4 hours from NYC. The January event might not be doable, but June could work. Could you recommend accommodations?

I'd go with if visiting NYC sans family - hotels in Manhattan (where Recess is) are crazy expensive. I'd offer to put you up, but we have twins coming later this month! Recess is a great con, but we can put together ACKS games whenever you're in town.

Here are the ones we submitted for Gary Con - I'll be there with my son (who you met at So Cal Mini Con), and Alex is hoping to make it too.


Event Title:  Scouts of Zidium
Event ID:  216417
Day:  Friday
Start Time:  4:00pm
Duration:  4 hours
Experience:  Beginner
Maximum Players:  8

Description:  Go behind enemy lines, pass as citizens of Celdorea, and
bring back vital information about the garrison Baal the Terrible left
in his capital and the returning army he is rushing to its defense. As
the mightiest powers of the Ammas Aure prepare for battle, the fate of
the Auran Empire, implied setting of the Adventurer Conqueror King
System, depends on your actions. This scenario's events will determine
the setup for the Battle of Zidium (Sat noon), to be run using
Autarch's forthcoming Domains at War: Battles. And the RPGs and Mass
Combat workshop (Sun noon) will use Scouts and Battle of Zidium as
examples and discuss how the former could have been diced out using
D@W: Campaigns instead of roleplayed with ACKS. Players are welcome,
but not required, to participate in either or both.

Event Title:  Battle of Zidium
Event ID:  312415
Day:  Saturday
Start Time:  Noon
Duration:  4 hours
Experience:  Beginner
Maximum Players:  8

Description:  For a decade, Baal the Terrible, general of Celdorea, has ravaged the lands of the Auran League. Now Audarius Tarkaun, exarch of Aura, has launched a bold counterattack, landing with his army on the soil of Celdorea to seize its sacred capital. Baal has returned to his homeland to stop Audarius. The great war between the mightiest powers of the Ammas Aure will be decided in one pitched battle. A historical battle from the Auran Empire, implied setting of the Adventurer Conqueror King system, the Battle of Zidium will be fought using its new Domains at War: Battles mass combat rules from Autarch. 2 to 8 players take on the role of commanders and heroes of Aura and Celdorea. No experience necessary, rules will be taught (or email for the latest playtest draft).

Event Title:  RPGs and Mass Combat
Event ID:  412201
Day:  Sunday
Start Time:  Noon
Duration:  2 hours

Description:  This workshop will review the link between fantasy
role-playing games and fantastic wargaming campaigns. We'll start by
examining how the assumption of Chainmail's mass combat "end game"
makes sense of key elements of original D&D campaign play, like strict
timekeeping and gaining strongholds at higher level. We'll share
design notes on creating a system that faithfully simulates RPG combat
at a larger scale, drawing on Autarch's Adventurer Conqueror King ->
Domains at War and OED's Original Edition Delta -> Book of War. And
we'll discuss how roleplaying adventures and wargame battles can
inspire one another, using the "Scouts of Zidium" (Fri 4pm) and
"Battle of Zidium" (Sat noon) as examples. Participants are invited
but not required to play in these prior ACKS and Domains at War

Thanks Tavis! I won’t be able to make GaryCon, but hopefully we’ll cross paths again some time this year!
Congrats-in-advance on the twins!