ACKS at Gen Con

I'll be running a mini-campaign on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of the Best Four Days in Gaming. Location TBD; reply here or send me an email at if you might be able to play!


During the day I'll be at the Old School Renaissance Group booth, #1359, or doing panels and seminars - more info about those here. I hope to see some of y'all there either way!

I don’t know if you would know this, but does Autarch plan to sell physical copies of your book(s)? I’m eager to get a physical copy of the core book, not sure if there’s any chance spare copies of the player’s companion would be ready in time.

We’ll pop in and say hi. Definitely send over the contact info, Bo and I will have the 10 year olds along but we might be able to drop them off for a few hours with a friend.

Will the player’s guide be there, or is that looking to ship in the fall?

I’m interested in some ACKS at GenCon.

There will definitely be copies of the ACKS core hardcover at booth #1359, and likely also at the Game Salute booth as well but I don't have its info at the moment. I might use the local Espresso Book Machine to do some pre-print copies of the Player's Companion but it won't be officially in print in time for Gen Con.