ACKs at Modern Myths in Northampton MA

4th ACKs session I’ve run at Modern Myths. The players are exploring Barrowmaze.

Neat! I did a one-shot ACKS session a few months ago with my players in Barrowmaze, and they seemed to enjoy it. I interested to see how yours do.

Love it! Although I had a PC named Aria for a long time, so I'm devastated to hear of her death. ;)

Session 5 of ACKs at the Mythos - We had a lot of laughs with this one.

"At first, Glocken misunderstood the boy's mumbling and thought his name was "Killmore."  "Killmore" she felt was a far more fitting name for a henchman than Hilmar and "Killmore" was what she called him from that point forward."

Brilliant! Tragic loss at the end, but now they have a rallying cry.