ACKS Borderlands Maps

Hi everyone, my name is Greengoat (Chris) and I thought I should introduce myself to the generous chosen-few of our backers and fans on the forums.
I am the chosen party-mapper (map-goat?) for the ACKS Borderlands adventure that is currently being run at GenCon this weekend as we speak. Although I wish I was there in Indianapolis to roll dice, I am confined to NYC for now and can only console myself by hanging out on the forums here.
Tavis, Alex, Greg, and Ryan, roped me into doing up some cartography for their adventure-running and I just wanted to tell you what you, as backers, will receive because of Autarch’s hitting of the second goal-mark on Kickstarter.
You may have noticed that the Auran Borderlands player’s map is already up for download in the contributer section on the site, that is the general player reference that is being used at the con. However, after the completion of the con game, we will give download access to the DM’s map in it’s full hex-bashing wilderness glory.
The PDF map packages include sizes from 8.5" x 11" US letter size on up to a US ANSI E poster-size PDF that measures 44" x 34" so you can see everything up close. Sadly we can’t print these posters for you, but the resolution will be there if you can commandeer a local plotter.
It will include B&W and color versions of the DM’s hex map, with and without location notes from the GenCon adventure locations so you can use it either as reference to the Borderlands campaign, or just have something big and beautiful to use as a sandbox map in the style of the classic outdoor survival board. Both maps are a combination of hand-inking, digital tools, and watercolor.
I look forward to playing with you all soon, and thanks again for supporting Adventurer Conqueror King.
(Chris Hagerty)
The players map:
This is an example of an older hex map I made for sandbox purposes. The completed Borderlands DM map has more color and definition in it’s geography, but you get the idea:

That map is really nice. I never thought of using watercolors to make a map; I don’t think I’ve even used them since grade school, but it’s a really nice effect.

Excellent maps!

Thanks folks, I hope to do some more soon. And I highly recommend watercolors for more use in your daily life. Mapping, character sheets, doing your taxes, etc.

Very cool indeed. And having it printed out large and up on the wall made it a great visual aid at Gencon.

Thanks sir jedo, glad to hear it. I am eager to hear how the weekend went overall.

We will get the DM’s maps up shortly - although people who want to play online should refrain from looking at them…
Some links to reports on how the weekend went:
and from another update:
“I played in a roughly 5-hour demo this past Friday night at GenCon, where we played at both the Adventurer and King levels. Adding to the ongoing campaign was very cool, and "switching modes’ from Adventurer to King was seamless.” – tsw512
“Had a glorious time at Gen Con Indy! Got to demo Adventurer Conqueror King, an awesome D&D B/X-based game (but with quite a bit changed/improved/added on/etc!). I enjoyed the demo enough to hop on Kickstarter immediately afterward and back the project.” – Zach Hoefler
“I got to play a couple hours of the game (GM’d by Alex) and can vouch that this is a BLAST. We played pretty high level characters, “kings” as it were. The gameplay pacing and tone is instantly recognizable to D&D players. The game mechanic is streamlined in a very elegant way, but still feels decidedly “old school” (most every roll works like a saving throw, roll X or better). There’s great flavor in the classes and spells, you’re still picking a single race/class designation, but there are more options for demihumans and human characters. I’m stoked to get my fancy kickstarter edition!” – Lord Bodacious