ACKS Character Class Checker

Hi all,

This is an updated version of a spreadsheet I posted up a few months ago, and have just updated with all the new Players Companion Classes.

Basically, it’s a simple spreadsheet that checks the stats you plug in at the top, validates them against the Prime Requisites and Requirements for each Class/Raceasclass and shades a cell to tell you whether that attributes you’ve rolled are eligible to play that class.

The shading determines any XP bonus you might get. Red = 0%, Amber = +5%, Green = +10%.

Hope it’s useful!

Autarchs - Feel free to pop a link to it on the resources page. If you’d like my original .xlsx file I’d be happy to send it over if you want to host it properly. Elsewise, if you ever have plans to host online resources then you’re welcome to rip it off (with credit ;)).

I’ve also cross-posted this to G+ as I know there are a few ACKS peeps in my circles.