ACKS Character Sheet for Roll20?

Hi all,

I am thinking of using ACKs for my next campaign, which we are going to play online using Roll20.

I was surprised to see that I there doesn't seem to be a character sheet template for ACKs available - has anyone found a way around this?

I am not particularly tech-savvy so programming my own is not an option, and my players are pretty new to RPGs and tend to do well with their character sheets kept in that online format rather than having handwritten sheets.

Does anyone have any suggestions about a way around this?  Anyone using ACKs with Roll20?  Suggestions would be much appreciated :-)



Any OSR-style sheet should work reasonably well (ideally, B/X based). I’m not sure what exactly roll20 has on it these days.

I play in Roll20 campaigns but dont use the character sheets and just use plain text for my characters. ACKS doesnt have that many combat modifiers to make it worth it for me to bother with them but its also quite a while ago since I checked so maybe the character sheets in Roll20 are now really usefull...

Honestly, the frequency of what numbers are most important and how often varies wildly from campaign to campaign. You're best off designing your own, or even letting players set up their own individually depending on how much as a DM you want to look at their sheets. I just use Notepad .txt files for most of my character design.

Thank you for the comments all - much appreciated. 

I am newly returned to old school systems (and the oldest I ever played was 2nd Ed) and had forgotten how much less the character sheet is used.  My players are also pretty green but also pretty chilled so I'd like to keep the sheets all in one spot and have open access - as a bunch of busy working dads we don't have much time for between session bookkeeping!  

Anyway, by way of reporting back I think I'm going to go with a google doc style spread sheet which we can keep open and flick over to as necessary.

I've been running ACKS sessions on Roll20 for a while now and have been using Google Sheets to track the characters. I find it works out well.

Here's the Murderhobo Stat Blocks:

I can cut-and-paste the text onto the Roll20 character sheet (on the "Bio & Info" tab). I've been using it for a while, so am tracking a lot of attributes now plus custom ability macros, but you could probably make do with just hit points, AC, and movement.