ACKS Core Reprint

Not a rules question, but it seemed odd to post in General Discussion.

I ordered the Core Book reprint and Player’s Companion quite a while ago from Game Salute, and all they have been able to tell me is that the printing is “delayed.” Do you guys have any news on this? Thanks.

There’s another thred 'round here mentioning that the Core book reprint has been delayed due to errata that makes it line up with Domains at War. It was mentioned that GS should have it in about 2 months time.

I HATE the inability to edit a post on this forum with the white hot heat of a thousand suns.


collapses, sobbing

Seriously though, I found out about all this after all the Kickstarting; when can us scrubs order a hardback of Domains at War? I MUST has this. :smiley:

The delay on ACKS Core Reprint is entirely my fault. While I was revising Domains at War, I discovered that I had mis-priced some of the mercenaries, relative to my later playtest findings on what they should cost. Unfortunately I didn’t know (yet) what the correct prices would be. Mercenary wages in turn impacted availability and slave prices; three sets of tables in the ACKS Core Rules.

Had we proceeded with the Core Reprint without correcting mercenary prices, that would have meant the Reprint would launch only to be immediately errata’ed. That was obviously unacceptable, so I held off until I figured out the needed corrections. This, sadly, took me MUCH longer than I expected.

The GOOD NEWS is that we will have special Gen Con-only softcover ACKS Core Reprints available, with hardcovers to follow in the fall.

What is the ETA on the reprint?

I’d love to know as well. I’ve got the PDF, but I bought the bundle at GameSalute in July and the site said Q3 on the reprint, which I took to mean “by the end of October.” I’m in no terrible hurry, but I can’t really actually play/run the game without a book

I just received my hard copies of of ACKS and the Player Companion from Game Salute yesterday! The PDF is nice, but you can’t beat the feel of a book in your hands. :slight_smile:

Which is to say that the books are now available…

Looks like GameSalute has taken pity on me and sent my Player’s Companion without the ACKS Core.

I have yet to receive either book. As I placed my order in June I’m thinking about asking for a refund. :T

Haven’t heard anything about my order, either, but I suppose that’s GameSalute’s problem rather than Autarch’s… the PDF is great, but I really can’t run a game at my table without the book.