ACKS d66 ROC (36 1st level characters)

Here are 36 1st level characters I made, one for each class in ACKS Core and Player’s Companion, the Illusionist from the downloads page, and the Orc, Bugbear, and Aristocrat classes from the forums (all cited in the document). Good for your pickup games, one-offs, intro games, and other times you just need a character that you can easily just give someone and tell them to go with it.

I used the 3.5e “elite array” (15 14 13 12 10 8) because 1) I wanted all of them to be stat-equal (same reason, wrt gold, I used the 9-10 template for all of them), and 2) I didn’t know what the average of “make 5 characters with 3d6 in order and pick the best one” would be but I figured that would be close. (For the Nobiran Wonderworker I put the 8 in Int and then switched points out of Strength, as per the character creation rules.)

If anyone notices any errors in the stats or whatever let me know.

UPDATE: Well a duh I noticed I actually forgot a 3 in the d66 chart. There are only 34 of these! Also added some save values I forgot. Changed the link to the updated version.

UPDATE 2: Added the GNOME ARBALESTIER from the blog, which is awesome. Also corrected a couple errors and added d66 numbers to each entry, as well as sources of the classes in the table at the beginning. Now the link is to my blog rather than mediafire as well.

UPDATE 3: Added the ARISTOCRAT by Thomas Weigel, from the forum.

How awesome!

Mathematically, “make 5 characters with 3d6 in order” yields results very similar to “roll 4d6 and drop the lowest d6”, which in turn yields statistically similar results to the elite array. So I think these are very appropriate indeed!