ACKs Discord

The new and popular thing for niche communities to do is start a themed discord server!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Discord is very similar to ye-olde IRC channels, but with a modern coat of paint.  using the link below, you can join the ACKs discord server I created, which so far has a couple of themed channels for discussing things in real time (rather than by post).  You can access discord just via a webpage, but there's also a desktop app and a phone app, depending on how plugged in you like to be.


The link below is good for 25 uses.  If there's sufficient interest, I can generate another, and along the way I'll probably empower some of our regulars here on the forums to be able to do the same.

after crossposting that link to the google+ ACKs community, we are dangerously close to using up that link.  If you try to use it and it doesn't work, let me know and I can generate a new one.  

(I could make an infinite link, but I worry about spam bots and such when posting it to forums and online)

Looks like it has expired now (11:14 EDT)

ask and ye shall receive!


Hm. I've received an 'Expired' message every time I've tried to use it...

so sorry my friend, new link just for you:

Got on, thanks.

I'd like to thank the outstanding admin team on Discord for squaring my forum account issues away. Thanks guys!


Could I get a new discord link the current one is expired. Thanks!

I would also like a join link

gotcha both! let me know if anyone else needs a link.

I would like one please.

Anyone got a a discord invite? Finally made a forum account so I could ask since im much more active on discord in general.

sent you an invite via direct message!

Also, for anyone else who's already active on discord: you can ask for an invite on the Autarch channel of Tenkar's tavern or add me as a friend on discord and ask after i accept. Username is Jard. unique id is 1224

i'm feeling guilty after missing somebody's request for an invite!

here's a link good for 25 uses:

on the off chance this runs out, feel free to DM me on here (I'll do better about checking) or add me as a friend on discord (same username as here)

edit: if you're trying to add me on discord, you might need the number 1224 to differentiate me from the other jards of the multiverse.

Glad to see we're using up these links! Here's a fresh one:

edit on 04/15/2019: it's time for another fresh link!  

Is there another link?

I, too, would like a link to the discord. Perhaps this is something that can be emailed, if no longer posted in the forums?

Sorry for the delay! Here's a fresh-baked link: