ACKS Dwimmermount Dwarf class list?

I can find the human and elf classes that are available spelled out pretty clearly, but not so much for the dwarves. I understand there can’t be craftpriests or any other demi-human divine caster, but what about a machinist or a fury?

You probably missed the line saying: “All dwarves belong to either the delver, machinist, or vaultguard class.”

Thank you, I sure did.

Wait, what? Why aren’t there Furies in Dwimmermont!? Where are my angry dwarves

Maybe a Fury could be used to represent a kobold or dworg? I’m going to allow gnomish tricksters and (Alex, avert your eyes) halfling bounders.

I think the reason is that thematically Dwimmermount dwarves are very much thinking creatures not usually inclined to giving themselves over to emotional fits of rage.

More likely it has to do with their magical runes, since Dwarves in Telluria can’t use any type of magic. If you want to place an angry dwarf, you can always play a Vaultguard and take the Berserkergang proficiency.