ACKS henchman generator

Following Arman's post about his adventuring party generator, is an early pre-alpha of my ACKS henchman generator, written in Python 3. Right now it only works in the command Eventually this will generate all henchmen in a given market to a file. Right now it generates a single level 1 henchman to the console.

Tested on Windows 7 and on Ubuntu (more accurately Linux Lite, which is an Ubuntu-based distro).

This uses two files: the generator itself and its much larger data (and function) library.

RPG procedural generation scripts are an excellent way to teach myself Python. 

Code updated! Now it generates armor and also accounts for character level when generating class proficiencies.

The next step would be to bundle this up in a market-dependent henchman mass-generation to a text file. Which would be a long file in Market-I...

Hey there! Very useful stuff :)

I added in some command line parameters to generate a specific race and level, which brings the tool to usability right away for me - I can just generate a bunch of Dwarves as needed when my players visit Khalzad.

It occurs to me that we could use Player's Companion Templates to quickly generate equipment and proficiencies that work together slightly better than random generation, although I'm not able to do that right now. 


Can I see your updated file with the command line parameters? I would love to learn how to add such capabilities to my code.

Eventually this will have a menu where you could choose various options. Text-only, as I have to learn how to write GUI code.

Stuff I'll do next:

  • Market-based generation.
  • Menu.
  • Mass generation to file by market.
  • Racial names for Elves and Dwarves.
  • Templates (very easy but a lot of writing).
  • Companion races and classes.

The purpose is to create a program where you choose market class from the menu and get a text file with all the hechmen available (at levels 0-4 as per the core book). This will be quite a long file for Class-I markets...

I've issued you a PR.

Thanks! Looks wonderful.

The updated henchman generator is ready! A Python3 program for mass-generating henchmen per market to a text file.

Call me a filthy noob but how do I use this? Is there a program that needs to be downloaded for it to run on?

Download this file and extract everything to the same directory. Open the command line terminal in that directory and enter python

I'll have to teach myself GUI and/or web to make things easier :-)