ACKS hexographer templates?

Does anyone happen to have the ACKS hexographer templates someone posted on the Inkwell Ideas forums a long time ago? The old forums are down and that seems to be the only place to find them.

Google cache seems to work to get this:;topic=439.0;attach=328

which got me the ZIP file.

Those are neat, thanks for bringing it up.

And thank you for finding them!

I did not know about these… And now I’ve got them. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Thanks to both of you.

With great danger and loss of henchmen I have once again located these templates, and with my new powers have added them to the Downloads section of the site for all to enjoy.


Has anyone successfully imported these templates into the new version of Hexographer, Worldographer?

Seems like importing Hexographer maps into Worldographer is flat out broken at this time (just updated my copy of Worldographer and tried both with ACKS templates and some "map" I had saved in Hexographer directory, both threw out an error)