ACKS-ified Xakhun Airship

Way back in 1998, Dragon Magazine published an article about a type of fantasy airship piloted by a half-drow/half-wood elf race called the Xakhun. It included a description of the airship and stats for Of Ships & The Sea. Here’s a bit of an attempt to convert it to the prototype Naval System:

Xakhun Airship
Length: 185 feet
Beam: 40 feet
“Draught”: 11 feet, 7 inches
“Freeboard”: 7 feet, 9 inches
Base Skyworthiness: 4
Base Armor Class: 4
Skyworthiness: 3
Tonnage: 792 (modified to 198 by LTA)
Structural Hit Points: 792 (modified to 198 by LTA)
Starting Capacity: 39,600 stone
Capacity with masts and sails: 38,400 stone
Lateen rig, 1 mast, 1 sail, plus bowsprit (easier to turn)
Sailing crew needed: 18
Sailing speed: 4 MP (modified to 6 by LTA)
MP cost per hex: 3 for Running or Broad Reach, 4 for Close Hauled
Special quality: Lighter-than-air (1/4 tonnage, 1/4 shp, cost of hull calculated at original tonnage, -1 Skyworthiness, +50% MP)
Cost: 103,200 gp