ACKS is Now in Stores!

We're pleased to say that you can get the Adventurer Conqueror King System in hardcover at your local gaming store! Here are a list of locations we know ordered copies of ACKS; it's possible they've since sold out, so you may want to contact them first to make sure they re-order if necessary.

If your favorite local retailer isn't on this list, fear not! They can order ACKS for you by becoming a Game Salute Select store (which offers access to exclusives like the Preview Night program) or as part of their regular order through ACD Distribution.


Arizona (Tempe): Game Depot

Australia (Marrickville NSW): Ventura International

California (Vista): Pair a Dice Games

California (San Mateo): Gator Games

District of Columbia (Washington): Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

Florida (Fort Lauderdale): Adventure Game Store

Germany (Herzogenrath): Sphaerenmeisters Spiele

Illinois (Chicago): Chicagoland Games

Illinois (Mount Prospect): Games Plus

Indiana (Fort Wayne): Clem's Collectibles

Kansas (Overland Park): Tabletop Game & Hobby

Kentucky (Louisville): The Louisville Game Shop

Maine (Standish): Cross Road Games

Massachusetts (Boston): Compleat Strategist

Michigan (Lansing): Clem's Collectibles

Michigan (Madison Heights): Guild of Blades

Missouri (Lee’s Summit): Pulp Fiction Comics and Games

New York (New York City): Compleat Strategist

North Carolina (Cary): The Gamer's Armory

Oregon (Portland): Guardian Games

Pennsylvania (King of Prussia): Compleat Strategist

United Kingdom (London ): Leisure Games

United Kingdom (Manchester): Myriad Games

Virginia (Falls Church): Compleat Strategist

Virginia (Norfolk): Atlantis Games & Comics

Wisconsin (Green Bay): Gnome Games

Wisconsin (Janesville): Noble Knight Games

Wisconsin (Middleton): I'm Board


If you already have ACKS in PDF, you can use the coupon contained therein to get $10 off the print edition at any of the Game Salute Select stores listed above. And thanks to Bits and Mortar, your retailer can hook you up with the PDF which comes free with the hardcover book, or if they're not hip to this awesome program, you can send a scan of your store receipt to and we'll hook you up.

If you know of a store that carries Adventurer Conqueror King that's not on this list, let us know (via comment or email) and we'll update it! And if you'd like to buy ACKS from a local store not on this list, let us know about that too; we'll contact the store and let 'em know they have a potential customer waiting.