ACKS Maptool framework - playtest

I have finished with the first version of a ACKS framework for MapTool, and I am looking for players to help me test and improve it. In broad terms, MapTool is an online tool to play RPGs over Internet, and the framework is a set of adjustments that make that tool fit a specific game system.
I have uploaded the framework and a manual here: (framework) (manual)
I would like to have a 90 minutes session on Monday March 19th, starting at 9:00pm EST. The pieces that you will need to participate are:
Google+: We will use the hangout, but that will be the first time for me, so I may need some help there. I am zapicm also at Google.
MapTool version 1.3.b86: You can download it from The latest version is b87, please make sure that you don’t download that one, as it will not be compatible.
A fresh new level 1 ACKS character: Part of the test will be to enter the character in the system.
Please write here or send me a message on Google if you are interested. I am looking for no more than 4 players for this session, but if it goes well I will schedule more.

Hello Miguel,

I’d be interested in helping to test the framework with you. I don’t have any real experience with Maptools, but am a quick learner.


Thanks Chris,

I am currently focusing now on Domains at War, but I will let you know when I come back to this. There is some work to do with the ACKS version of Dwimmermount MapTool, and I will appreciate the help with testing.