ACKS Maptool framework - playtest

I have finished with the first version of a ACKS framework for MapTool, and I am looking for players to help me test and improve it. In broad terms, MapTool is an online tool to play RPGs over Internet, and the framework is a set of adjustments that make that tool fit a specific game system.
I have uploaded the framework and a manual here: (framework) (manual)
I would like to have a 90 minutes session on Monday March 19th, starting at 9:00pm EST. The pieces that you will need to participate are:
Google+: We will use the hangout, but that will be the first time for me, so I may need some help there. I am zapicm also at Google.
MapTool version 1.3.b86: You can download it from The latest version is b87, please make sure that you don’t download that one, as it will not be compatible.
A fresh new level 1 ACKS character: Part of the test will be to enter the character in the system.
Please write here or send me a message on Google if you are interested. I am looking for no more than 4 players for this session, but if it goes well I will schedule more.

I would totally play in this if I didn’t have a bunch of stuff due Tuesday :(. Might pull down the tools and see about loading to give you an extra datapoint even though I can’t play.

Hey Miguel -
9pm EST?
If it’s in any of the US Timezones I can play.

Yes, 9:00pm EST. Thanks for asking, I have included it in the original post.

Great. Monday is my one night off, so a 9pm+ game is perfect for me. I have to set up my G+ account, but If there’s room, I’m in!

You are the first one, so you are in!

I have uploaded a new version of the framework to Dropbox (same links). I have added macros to automate thief skills, turn undead and the generation of wandering monsters in the dungeon.
I am looking forward to testing it tomorrow. Thanks!

In case someone wants to jump it at the last minute, this is the info for the MapTool server:
Version: 1.3.b86
Game: ACKS
Password: autarch

Thanks for the tips, moorcrys. I think I will have a new playtest ready for next week, including a party adventure this time.

My pleasure zap, it’s looking great!