ACKS online tools

Bad fraction math on my part. Coins now weigh 1 stone per 1,000.


Also, thank you again for checking that :-).

Two small tweaks to the ability generator:

  1. “Apprentice Mage” and “Apprentice Cleric” have been replaced with check boxes for each ability score. Just check the abilities that can’t fall below 9. This combines with any of the other methods.

  2. I added Conqueror and King methods. These are both simple-minded - they just re-roll the lowest one or two abilities. They are also not strictly BTB: BTB, Conqueror and King means that you roll five sets using the normal method, THEN select one set, and THEN re-roll one or two of your choice.

The BTB method, however, is too hard to program as a casual break-time thing, and the BTB King method is almost indistinguishable statistically from the results of 4d6, drop the lowest.

Note that a few more bugs in the treasure generator have been fixed. I’m embarrassed about that, but on the other hand, all software has bugs: at least I fix them quickly!

Any plans to move onto other dice-intensive parts of the game, possibly populating rooms in a dungeon?


That’s not a fair answer, of course ;-). But this is a spare-time project; a paying project may require me to set it aside at any point, and I can’t predict when or how long.

So I try to not make promises.

With that said, the current treasure generator task looks to be almost done (maybe this week if I can squeeze a few extra hours in), and then I will move on to other aspects of ACKS.

what do you develop all of this in? I’ve made/been tweaking a generator for dungeons in google docs, but I’m fairly quickly running into the limitations of spreadsheet-based generation. If I could settle on a lightweight scripting language that makes output easy I might start plugging away.

JavaScript + jQuery (which is practically a standard library for JS these days).

I do some prototyping in Python because it’s easier and faster, but JS can run in a browser - no one has to install anything new to use the tools - and since it’s client-side rather than server-side, there are no page load times when you roll the dice.

Holy crap, yes, encounters please!

The ACKS Tools webpage has been updated:

Because I am still bug-testing (please let me know if you hit a bug!), the old version of the treasure generator is still available (“Treasure” tab) and the new preferences-enabled version is available for trying it out (“Hoard” tab). If anything is TRULY broken, the old version is archived here.

What to expect from the preferences-enabled treasure generator:

  1. The default is as close to by-the-book as I can manage. To make rules changes, click on checkboxes.

  2. Most of the cool stuff from the Eíre treasure generator has been ported over in the form of a checkbox. Others will be ported as I have time.

  3. The spells from Player’s Companion are available if you want them. Note that this doesn’t provide any information about them—you will need the PC to benefit.

  4. Multiple identical lots get grouped together. I am still not entirely happy with this (magic items don’t have plural nouns defined yet), but from a purely functional standpoint, it seems to work.

  5. Everything has a weight, even if the weight is 0.01 stone. Weighs under 1/6 stone are not displayed, but if you have enough small items, they add up in the summaries. If total stone is over 100, sixths of a stone are ignored, because.

  6. All groups of items are shown, even if there are no items in them; this way you can click on the [+] button to add them if you want.

  7. The button functionality has been tweaked and improved slightly.

  8. I’ve added an HTML version of the licensing, and a change log for those who care :-).

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know!

And of course I found a bug as soon as I made the announcement. It’s fixed, though, so you’ll never see it. Mwahahaha.

Well, not that one, anyway.

Did you change the server? There is a redirect now in place it seems…

Just the file name, with a redirect from the old. Is the redirect causing issues for you?

Chrome mada a big WARNING page about hijacked sites as the certificate (from webfaction) didnt match the chantofwaves page. For some reason the big warning went away today and only the https warning remained.