ACKS online tools

I am still working on a version of the treasure generator that allows preferences (I said it would be complicated, didn’t I?).

In the meantime, however, I am also working on a broader set of tools for my personal use, and why shouldn’t you benefit?

ACKS Tools

Note that these will be updated sporadically. Right now, the useful one is the ability score generator (this also has the current version of the treasure generator, because all of these tools will eventually be using the same code base).

The ability score generator should be fairly self-explanatory. I will be using it for generating PC-like NPCs, apprentices, large numbers of 0-level henches, and so on. I may add some “NPC characteristics” elements to it later.

Feedback welcome, of course, although my main focus remains the treasure generator.

I’m getting redirected when I try that link, to *

Nm, is apparently hosting it? Looks great just poking at it a little. I’ll have to play with it when I start generating static and dynamic lairs.

Webfaction is hosting the site. I’m not sure why you would be redirected, however.

I’ve also made it a bit more obvious that you can re-sort the ability scores now. Just click on a header :-).

A super useful thing (which we are working on in-house but you should beat us to) would be to generate magic items as per the categories of spending in the chapter on making advanced characters.

This is great stuff Thomas. I’ve been using your treasure generator a lot recently. Thanks for putting this together.

I completely forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder: I’ve added it to the treasure generator (bottom of the pulldown list, below “R”, you will find all of the advanced PC swaps).

I am thinking of putting the numbers “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, and “5” in front of them, so that you can one-key jump to them in the list like you can the treasure types. I’m not sure if that would just be confusing, though.

I’m glad you like it and are using it :-).

A few small tweaks:

  1. Clicking the “Modifiers Summary Only” checkbox alters the display (from showing scores to not showing scores and back again) but doesn’t re-roll everything.

  2. Sorting on a column should be slightly faster now. (Actually, everything should be slightly faster, but if you are rolling up 1,000 NPCs, sorting speed is the only one where you’ll notice the difference.)

  3. The ability scores page now remembers everything as you left it (except the number of characters to roll up - that always defaults to 5). So if the last time you used it, you used the Mage Apprentice roller, it will be on the Mage Apprentice roller the next time you visit the page. If you sorted on CON, it will be sorted on CON until you change it. And so on.

  4. It’s a little prettier.

FYI, my recent visit to the treasure generator came up with:

electrum (1000 stone, 5,000 gold)

1,000 electrum coins (<em><strong>1000 stone</strong></em>, 5,000 gold)

gem (1,725 gold)

amethyst stone (100 gold)
azurite stone (ten gold)
set of engraved teeth (90 gold)
imperial topaz stone (750 gold)
lapis lazuli stone (25 gold)
star ruby stone (750 gold)

trinket (639 gold)

eight bone fetishes (232 gold)
bone trinket (37 gold)
glass trinket (130 gold)
shell trinket (90 gold)
shell trinket (150 gold)

Man, the coins must be HUGE in your campaign!

Thank you - I’ve fixed this bug.

And a small lunch break tweak: Click on a column header a second time, and it will sort in descending order instead of ascending.

Don’t know why I didn’t do that on the first pass.

This continues to be awesome sauce. Thank you!

Glad you like it!

The tool was working the first time I visited last week, but today it seems to be misbehaving.

Using Firefox 15.0.1, I can get to the abilities tab (the default), but cannot click on the treasure tab. I also have to refresh to re-roll abilities (re-roll button doesn’t work which also means I can’t change the generation method or number of sets). I tried restarting without add-ons, but that didn’t change the behavior.

Trying IE9 gives the same problems. Trying compatibility view means that all the controls from both tabs appear on the same page and nothing is populated except the generation method drop-down and the number of sets (no stats or treasure types)

Chrome acts the same as IE9.

In all cases, I get an SSL Certificate error when going to the site.

Is there something I’m doing incorrectly?

I think I’ve guessed at the source of the problem, and I think I’ve fixed it, but since I can’t actually replicate the exact issue on my computer, I’m a bit in the dark.

So first: Could you check to see if the site is working properly for you now?

Still seems to be misbehaving. And neither IE9 nor Chrome are showing stats now. Firefox also stops showing stats on a refresh. I’ll PM you my email address so we can take this debugging off Autarch’s forums.

Looks like we got it fixed. Thank you for the bug report!

Also, it looks like coins are still ten times heavier than expected.