ACKS Revised and Players Companion Revised

According to Esdevium Games here in the UK, ACKS Revised and ACKS Player’s Companion Revised are due out next week. Have I missed something? How ‘Revised’?

I am not an Autarch, but I’m going to go out on a limb here: I’ve seen the “revised” comment floating around a few different places now, but neither are, in any meaningful sense, revised. They are simply newer printings that incorporate errata (i.e. typos), not any type of revision.

Per Bobloblah above, the revision lies in the incorporation of all extant errata.

Cool, thanks.

I have the 1st printing of the Player’s Companion. Is the errata incorporated for the revised version collected somewhere?

I do not have a consolidated Player’s Companion errata written, no.

I do own that, so I’ll have to give it a look, but are there general guidelines? Like in the Lich example: what does Hoard: XXII map to in ACKs, and what should an 18th level caster be treated as if you assume it’s proportional to ACKs (since a lich technically could have more caster levels than a regular player thanks to undeath)

oh no! I put my response in the wrong thread! Gods have mercy on me!

Alex, Any plans to put together and release errata? How much errata was there? Were there a lot of issues or only a few minor items?

As the column to the left would indicate, I am not Alex, but I have observed that errata is mostly collected when drafts are distributed, prior to printing. You can find those errata threads and others on this forum.

My view is the first printing (2012) of ACKS core had the most errata; 7 pages were hosted on this site in the downloads area.

There must have been lessons learned with that first book – I only know of two items of game errata from the first printing of Player’s Companion, but I assume there may have been more, plus typos.

I have not seen D@W errata collated, and I’m not aware of reported errata for TSSoS or L&E. I’m aware of one typo in GoW, in a quote, not game rules. Most of the corrections I’ve seen are non-game affecting.

On the whole, I believe Autarch does better than most with avoiding errata. Also, I view PDFs and continuous improvement as the best defense against errata, and Autarch does seem to periodically update the PDFs.

I hope this helps!

CharlesDM has summarized it well.

The current version of ACKS (hardcover and PF) have been updated with all known errata. 

The current Player's Companion (hardcover and PDF) have been updated with all known errata.

I do not presently have any compiled D@W, L&E, or TSSoS errata. I'm sure there is some but I don't know what it is.