ACKS SRD in Markdown / HTML


I forked Capheind's text version of the SRD on github and reformatted it as Markdown.  Since it's hosted on GitHub, it's directly viewable as HTML.  Check it out at:

Some notes:

- It's kramdown flavoured Markdown, the same as used on GitHub.  This gives us support for tables (a hard requirement for ACKS!).

- But some tables seem to be too big for GitHub to convert and show up as unconverted. They convert fine locally.

- It includes a Makefile that converts MD to HTML.  This should work on any Unix or Mac OS X that has kramdown installed.

- I did a lot of work ensuring the headers are the right levels and cross-references are hyperlinked.

- I don't think the upstream text source had all the errata.  I made a few changes, mainly when the wrong chapter was indicated in a cross-reference, and added a few missing tables, including Mortal Wounds and Tampering with Mortality. However, all the errata should probably be double checked.

- I still might do a few fixups on the Previous / Next chapter links, and maybe create a detailed table of contents.

Let me know what you think!



Thank you, this looks great!

This is awesome!  I've shared it with my players, who had complained bitterly about the mix of tabs and spaces in the other version.

This is awesome!

I've fixed up the next/previous chapter links and added the detailed table of contents.

Updated with errata.