ACKS Tracker - A character creator/interactive character sheet

Hey, I made a software program for windows PCs that lets you make, track the equipment of and level up ACKS characters. It looks like this:

And you can download it from here:

Basically I was building it as a side project for keeping track of my character’s equipment and money while playing in an ACKS campaign, but the campaign came to an end before I’d finished dickering around with the tool. It’s not really setup to deal with higher level ACKS features like domains or henchmen but perhaps someone will find it useful.


Q: Why do I get smart screen warnings/chrome warnings/firefox warnings when I try to download your setup file?

A: The internet is a lot more paranoid place than it was ten years ago which is good for general internet security but bad for small freeware developers. Essentially unless you pay out a lot of money to some giant corporations and your file has been downloaded a lot already without complaints, your programs will always be treated as if they are virus laden poison. Even after handing over the cash you will still receive warnings until your program has been downloaded enough times without raising alarm to suppress them. You can read about Smartscreen here: but all of the main browsers and OS’s probably now work the same way.

One day I may pay up the cash for a software certificate, but only if I start making money out of hobby programming. The program is pretty boring and as safe as I can make it but if you install it on a NASA workstation and a rocket crashes I refuse responsibility :).

Q: Does this work on macs or linux?

A: No. Sorry, I’m using my own libraries of code and they aren’t equipped for multi-platform yet and won’t be for a long time.

Q: The installer takes forever to start! Why?

A: I’m not sure it might be related to smartscreen or the installer settings but it installs eventually so I’m just making do for now.

Q: What even is this?

A: It’s a character creator and tracker for the Adventurer Conqueror King System. Sort of like a living, interactive character sheet with tool tips and descriptions of what stuff does added in the right contextual places. Hopefully it makes the game easier to play.

Q: I found a bug!

A: Excellent. Just post about it here, and perhaps I’ll try and address it.

Q: I have a suggestion!

A: As above.

Anyway, let me know if you try it and find it useful. Cheers!

Oh man, read creator/interactive as counterintuitive in the thread title; I was really curious what a counterintuitive character sheet looked like. Looks nice, but I haven’t a Windows to test it on.

Groovy. Totally checking this out.

Thanks, Dan!

No problem :slight_smile:

Let me know if it works/is helpful.