ACKS v2?

Hi, I am about to start my first campaign, and I am trolling around the forum to pick up advice. I realized I am finding some very important, and mostly official, add-ons that aren’t in my book. Like Orcs as PCs, and some character class called “Ruinguard.”

Other than going through these forums for days, has anyone collected all this new info into one place? Or is there a v2 download I can printout and add to my book?

Thanks guys!

I can’t help you with whether an updated version could be on theway, but the Ruinguard is from the Player’s Companion which is a separate book available for purchase. There’s a whole slew of other classes/spells/etc. in it, and it was well worth the price for my group.

Thank you, that explains a lot!

Mods: you might think of adding a link to buy any/all materials you have produced. As it is, the “Buy Now” link at the top only lists the Core book, and the GameSalute link is broken

The Zaharan Ruinguard is in the Player’s Companion book. All of the rest hardly constitutes a “v2”, given that it’s all extra material (rather than rules) that’s not really “core” - it could be compiled, I suppose, as a sort of “Forum Homebrew” supplement, but that hardly seems worth it - it’d have a cost for Autarch to produce that, even if it’s just compiling, formatting, and layouting it as a PDF. I suppose they could sell it at a bit over cost for the convenience.

Hmmm. Marketing our products and making them available to consumers? I’m not sure if that fits with our existing business practice of making amazing games that no one can buy. :frowning:

Seriously, though, we need to update the site - thank you for the kick in the butt in this regard.

Yeah, but some of the neat stuff like orcs as PCs and the point swap stuff for divine and arcane classes could go in the downloads section.