ACKS v32 - The Final Draft

Hello everyone,
I’m excited to report that v32 is now available for download. Version 32 is the final draft of ACKS before we send it to the printers. Please bring your keenest eye and most meticulous searching for secret mistakes to the cause and help us get it ready for PDF.
Please focus your attention on (a) errors, (b) imbalances, (c) oversights, and (d) badly written rules that leave you confused. We know there’s more we can add, but right now we don’t have space. Not everything we would like to have in ACKS is going to be in v32. We are already over our page count for the product and may have to cut.
Thanks as always for your support.

Cool. How many pages will be in the actual pdf?

The Healing proficiency was updated but the Healer specialist wasn’t. The Healing Proficiency says “extra 1d3 per day” and the Healer specialist is per week.
Healing (G): The character is especially skilled at treating wounds and diagnosing illnesses among humans and demi-humans. A proficiency throw of 11+ enables the character to identify whether a disease is magical or mundane, and if mundane, diagnose it. A patient under treatment of Healing naturally heals an extra 1d3 hit points each day.
Healer (healer 1gp/day/patient, physicker 2gp/day/patient, chirugeon 4gp/day/patient): Healers are trained to treat wounds and diagnose illnesses. Being treated by a healer requires clean, sanitary conditions and bed rest. A patient under treatment of any healer regains an extra 1d3 hit points per week.

Great catch, thank you.

page 4, paragraph 1, last sentence - “Suck works” should be “Such works”

Pg 250, selling magic items example. Last sentence has the word 27,000gp but it is missing a 0 and therefore reads as 27,00gp.

I think pg 250 meant 2,700 rather than 27,000 since the range was 2700 to 15000 about scrolls worth 1500. Good catch, though.

In Playing with Advanced Characters, “STARING EXPERIENCE POINTS” should probably be “STARTING…”

p. 5:
“ACKS enables those who wish playing low-level versus high-level characters to result in different experiences.”
this is a bit confusing

On page 21 (Bard Campaign Class), the heading says “Hit Dice: 1d4”, while the table next to it has a progression of 1d6, 2d6, etc.

I still think the bit on Languages disrupts the flow of the explanation of Character Abilities (page 12). Perhaps move the three paragraphs about languages (from “All characters begin…” to “… black magicians and necromancers).”) to their own heading “Languages”, underneath the Character Abilities explanation.

//On page 21 (Bard Campaign Class), the heading says “Hit Dice: 1d4”, while the table next to it has a progression of 1d6, 2d6, etc. //
Wow. Good catch. I didn’t even notice that.
So, which is the correct hit die? I need to change this before I print a copy for Sunday’s game!

The correct Hit dice is 1d6, part of the changes made to the Bard.


Page 125, Attracting Peasants and Followers has a .’) stuck to the end of the paragraph that doesn’t belong.

Need to change Military Tactics to a more useful proficiency for 1st level fighters using the Merc template.

Bottom of page 60 references a Bladedancer Spell List to a specific deity. It seems like there should be a chart there - and there is one blank row of a chart but that is it.

Bottom of page 101, Other Movement section. It states the following: Simply dropping a weapon and drawing a new one does not count as movement during a round.
Underneath the the Fighting Style Prof it states: Because of his familiarity with the fighting style, a proficient character may draw his weapon(s) and/or ready his shield without having to give up an opportunity to move or attack
I’m not sure these two statements are in line with one another. Leaving out the part about dropping a weapon, one statement is saying the prof. makes it a free action (essentially) while the other statment says its free already.
And this leads to another bit of confusion I would like cleared up. As mentioned before, I am more in tune with 4e rules where there is a standard action, move action and minor action. What exactly do characters have in ACKS? It looks like a move action and an attack action. If one does not attack in a round, are the actions interchangable - that is can I do an attack equivelant action first, then a move action? Can you move in place of the attack action - I’m pretty sure the answer is no but want to be sure? If yes, then move and move is acceptable, yes? Part of the confusion comes form the fact that you can do a lot similar things in place of moving and in place of attacking, but it seems not everything since moving is not explicitly mentioned as an alternative for attacking.

Duskreign, you basically get a movement and attack.
Attacks can be exchanged for another action, as mentioned at the end of the How to Attack section under “Other Actions”:
Instead of performing an attack or attack routine, combatants may take another action that could be accomplished in a few seconds, such as sheathing one weapon and drawing another, readying or loosing a shield, lighting a torch, drinking a magic potion, using a wand or ring, turning undead, picking an item off the ground, or retrieving an item from a pack or sack. Simply dropping a weapon and drawing a new one do not count as an action during a round, however. For example, a combatant can drop a bow, draw a sword, and attack in the same round.
I believe the Fighting style means you can sheathe a weapon and draw one without requiring a movement, whereas normally that does. If you drop a weapon, that doesn’t require a movement.
Correct me if I’m wrong here. That’s just how I’m reading it.

Michael you are absolutely correct. If you don’t have Fighting Style, you can’t swap weapons without either (1) dropping the weapon you started with or (2) giving up either your move or attack. Thus, this is helpful for people who like to switch from spear to sword/shield, or bow to 2-handed sword, for instance.
You cannot attack, then move; it’s always move, then attack. You can give up your attack and simply move - this is running.