Adamantine/Magical Metals

[quote="Alex"] There is no mithral, that being a purely Tolkienesque invention. I wanted all the fantasy metals to be rooted in ancient Hellenistic or Indo-European myth. Magical metals in ACKS therefore include: - meteorite iron (sky-steel) - adamantine (ore from deep in earth) - orichalcum (white bronze; copper, gold, and adamantine) - hepatizon (black bronze; copper, silver, meteorite iron) Of these meteorite iron comes from the sky, and adamantine comes deep mining. Orichalcum and hepatizon are alloys created with magic. The ACKS draft of Dwimmermount has some of my thoughts on how to use magical metals in an ACKS campaign. [/quote]

I saw this comment on a thread from a while ago ( and looked through my copy of Dwimmermount and couldn't find much information on using magical metals for crafting items. Are there any codified rules on using adamantine or how much it costs?