Adventurer Conqueror King Release Date

I noticed when using Google search to look for “Adventurer Conqueror King” that it auto-completes - which is a good sign that people are looking for info about ACKS - and that one of the things it auto-completes as is “Adventurer Conqueror King release date”, which suggests that this is something in particular that people want to know. Reasonable enough! Here’s the best answer I can give at the moment.

The official release date for the Adventurer Conqueror King System in PDF was February 1st, 2012, although backers of our Kickstarter and those who pre-ordered it from us were able to download it earlier through the Contributor Downloads section of the Autarch site. On 2/1/12, the ACKS PDF became available for purchase directly from us via GameSalute, and also on DriveThruRPG. Eventually we will be making Adventurer Conqueror King available in other electronic formats like MOBI and EPUB, enabling print-on-demand, and selling the PDF via other online sites, but no release date is available yet for these other ways you’ll be able to get it.

Also on the official PDF release date of 2/1/12, Kickstarter backers and pre-orders were sent instructions on how to download the Adventurer Conqueror King PDF through Bits and Mortar, which we joined to make the PDF and print available as a bundle whether it’s purchased online or through local stores. If you are a backer or pre-ordered ACKS, and you haven’t gotten your PDF yet, check your email spam filters for a message from dated 2/1/12. If it’s not there, contact Game Salute via email or by calling 800-459-5516 if you’re in the US, and also let us know at so we can help get you taken care of.

The official release date for Adventurer Conqueror King’s print edition will be set as soon as the books arrive in the Game Salute warehouse from our printer, McNaughton & Gunn. It seems likely that backers and pre-orders who are getting print copies will receive theirs by 3/21/12. Starting the week after that, and for the next three weeks, ACKS hardback books will be available at stores that are participating in the Preview Nights program. Check the store locator to find a retailer near you that might be doing a preview night, or post in the Judges Wanted forum thread if you’d like to run an ACKS preview!

The release date when the Adventurer Conqueror King System will be available in hardback to those who aren’t backers, pre-orders, or picking it up at a Preview Nights store thus seems like it will be 4/18/12. However, this is unofficial - there are many good reasons why it might be delayed. I’ll keep this post updated as we have more news!

Glad to hear POD is coming (the sooner the better!) as it’s the only way I think I’ll be able to afford ACKS over here in the UK.

Tim, another great way to get ACKS overseas is through a local store. Although you might still pay more than the equivalent of US$40 if there is usually a markup on import games due to tax etc., buying through a retailer in your area ought to save you a bunch on shipping and you can still use the coupon for $10 off that comes with the PDF. Visit the Game Salute store locator to see if there’s one near you already, or ask your local game retailer to sign up for the Select Stores program.

Hey - I just noticed that the Kickstarter says that you guys are in Durham, NC. Is that correct? If so, are you planning on running any local demo events or the like? I’m interested in the game, but would really want to see it in play before making a decision…

I still haven’t received my preorder. :frowning:

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