Alchemical Replacement for Unholy Water in Yethlyreom

So no clerics in Yethlyreom.  That makes unholy water very difficult to obtain.  Since the entire economy of the city relies on zombies, I figure they have to have an alchemical equivalent.  

The cost would be the same as unholy water (25 gp per vial), with a 100% increase outside off the inner city (i.e. 50 gp for PCs unless they make some friends).

Does anyone have any suggestions for possible monster parts (other than corporeal undead parts) and costs per vial?  The usual equivalent would be 12.5 GP cost.

I'd use human blood. 

Thanks!  That works.  For a lawful and regulated society that still reconizes some individual rights, that creates a 'blood drive' as part of every seasonal celebration in Yethleyreom. 

Do your duty!  Keep us strong! Donate blood today!