Alpha-Beta-Gamma Rules Releases

I notice there is a forum for Hero/Villain role call; is there any rough date when rules (not final rules) would be released for how to generate stats for such characters?

Also, how about release date for social rules, such as how one develops contacts and/or general well-being in a game region?  

Oh, and very much want to see innovation/invention, where heroes expend HP (Hero Points) to pull stunts with their powers, and rules for how they then develop that as a standard tool (spending the SP, of course) to their normal power uses.  Or train for new martial arts moves, or trick shots with guns... going to have fun with these rules.

But - shutting down the blather before it starts.  I very much want even raw rules that are certain to be replaced.

If you backed it on KS then you can get a fairly current copy if the rules from one of the recent updates.

Aye, there's the rub.  I missed the Kickstarter entirely.  Is there anywhere that I can just pre-pay for the release and get said link to the semi-current rule set?

No idea sorry. Backers have access to the rules via the Autarch Discord, so maybe ask Archon there?

For anyone else with this question:

1)  Go to Autarch's Twitter page

2)  From there, follow the link to IndieGoGo

3)  Pay on the IndieGoGo site, they will send you a confirmation email.


4A)  Forward a copy of my receipt to

4B)  It took them less than four hours to verify my subscription and get my link to me.