Alter Self Limb Replacement?

Can you use Alter Self to replace a missing limb or tongue or whatever temporarily?

I have always ruled that Alter Self does not allow you to change your number of limbs. Therefore if you lost a hand as a human male, and altered-self to be an elven female, you’d be a one-handed elven female.

How about these questions:

1)What if you had the arm, but lacked the hand at the end? Perhaps you could make a non-functional pseudo-hand? A man who lost a hand still has 2 arms, one is just a bit less useful. (I assume a leg/foot situation would be similar.)

2)What if you just lacked some digits, either because you lost a couple or just naturally had fewer fingers?

  1. What about other missing/damaged bits like a missing eye or bad foot? I could see 3 likely possibilities: a)you maintain your disfigurement, b) you become whole for the duration of the spell, or c) you maintain the penalties (save for aesthetic ones) but form non-functional versions of things like eyes, etc. so you can lose the eyepatch, but still have problems with depth perception.

IAANA, but now that Alex has suggested it, I am 100% in favor of eyepatch wizards who polymorph into owls become owls wearing little owl-sized eyepatches.

  1. I concur.
  2. I’d still have the fingers be missing.
  3. I would go either with (a) or (c). Either one seems perfectly fine and reasonable to me.

Also, any eyepatch wizard who polymorphs into a mouse is required to talk like Danger Mouse.