Altering the Nobirus

Lets say for my theoretical campaign I wanted to alter the Nobirus so that instead of the build points invested in the race stacking with divine build points, they would stack with fighting build points, so that it’s possible to create a progeny of a god that exceeds at war, like how Achilles is portrayed in the movie Troy.
How would this change the XP adjustment to the Nobirus levels. Would it be:
0 = 125 XP
1 = 625 XP
2 = 1,125 XP
3 = 1,625 XP
4 = 2,125 XP
Or perhaps more? There is no other race that stacks fighting, so the values may be skewed. Also, would this prove to be unbalanced? Uninteresting?

That’s exactly how I would do it.
You still have to spend points on HD, and I think you would have to spend points on FTR in order to qualify for castle, stronghold, &c. at 9th level. You could make up something custom, much like for elves and dwarves.

Currently my thoughts are to spend 4 build points on Nobirus (fights as a hero), 2 on thief (to trade for 5 custom powers), and two on hit dice (for d8). I would then restrict their weapon selection to broad (one-handed and two-handed melds weapons only), restrict armor selection to broad, and remove the bonus missile damage for threes additional powers. With 8 custom powers, I’d give them flesh runes, fighting fury, command of voice, savage resiliency, and alertness. I would just not give them the option for a fortress, which ties into my next idea.
I want to design an ability called hubris, and how I envision it working is once the PC reaches 9th level, he doesn’t have long left to live. He or she is destined to die in a glorious way. I’m not sure how to design this; my current idea is that creatures with more hit dice than the PC ignore the PCs DR and savage resiliency, and the PC must use fighting fury (so they cannot runaway.) Perhaps the PC receives a bonus to reserve XP upon dying to soften the blow?

Or perhaps it should be foes with less HD than the PC, to keep with the mythology. It is called Hubris, after all.

Initial thoughts:
Yowza, that’s a lotta xp.
At 5th level he would definately have the morale bonus that bards grant to followers. I’m remembered of Achillies’ speech in the movie Troy to his myrmidons, “Immortality is there, on the battle field. All you have to do is seize it!”
I would never make a class that forced a player to do something. However, I would upgrade berserkergang at this point, giving +3 and making the character immune to non-magical weapons. This means the minions and creatures under 5 HD can be swept aside. This clears the way to the major foes. A side effect of this improved ability is that you have the “marked for death” flaw; your level is a penalty on the mortal wounds table. Also, they no longer roll twice and take the better result.
Show them the door, and make it tempting to open.
(Edit) 9th would be max level, I think, and it would take about 6500-7000 xp for 2nd level. Just using T:1 for berserkergang and Cammanding Voice at 1st, and then something at 5th, and then “Glory and Hubris” at 9th would do it.

I’m afraid I’m not quite sure how you came to over 6,000; my total was 4,075.

Oh, adding things in my head, from memory, while multi-tasking.
A situation fraught with error, actually.

Nonetheless, I really like your idea of adding the character’s level as a penalty to mortal wounds roll and the tampering with mortality rolls. I will do a formal write up soonish.

Okay, I’ve created a document. Feedback is always appreciated, as well as suggestions. The link is for a mediafire download. Don’t mind the bad writing, it was written spur of the moment. If you have suggestions to improve the writing, please be feel free to make them.

As a note, so that we are all on the same page, I just mocked up a new racial template that is exactly like the Nobirus, except that their racial value stacks with fighting value, and they are called the Hemitheon (supposedly it means demigod in greek.)
For the build, I ended up using 8 build points in the following categories: Hit Dice (3), Fighting (0), Arcane (0), Divine (0), Thievery (1), and Hemitheon (4). I changed their armor selection from unrestricted to narrow, and their weapon selection from unrestricted to broad; I also eliminated their fighter damage bonus to missile weapons, since they cannot use them initially anyway. All these trade ins increased the XP cost by 600 XP and gave the character 4 custom powers. I also traded in 3 thief skills for 3 custom powers, and I used them to purchase: command of voice, flesh runes, fighting fury, and savage resilience. Since hubris hurts the character, I figured it was okay to award them that custom power for free. Then I chose 33 proficiencies, and that is all she wrote.
EDIT: Also, I’m not sure how you developer guys came up with the attack throw progressions, but I did not know how to do mine. So, I decided that the attack throw for each level, since the progression is hero (3 points every 2 levels), I divided each level in half, multiplied the result by three, and subtracted this number from 11. Since I have not seen any instance of an attack throw progression going below 1, I did not allow the class to progress further than this.

Hah, and that’s why you spellcheck and do a quick review. I started off calling it Hemitheon Myrmidon, and then somehow started calling it Hermitheon Myrmidon. The correct name is Hemitheon Myrmidon.

I can’t access mediafire at the moment, so it will be a bit for my review. For attacks, I think it would be +1 per level at F:4 (effectively). With that and +1 to saves per level (I think), d10 hp/ level they will be mighty.