Alternate Treasure Generator update

Generator is here:
Old generator can still be accessed here:

I’ve overhauled the code to be easier to work with and a lot of other stuff none of you are likely to care about. What you might care about is the new stuff this let me add!

Four Little Buttons

  1. There is a [+] button next to each treasure grouping. Click on it, and an additional lot is added to that group. For example, if you only rolled one lot of silver and you wanted more, click on the [+] as many times as you want, and it will add another lot each time.

  2. There is also a [⇓] button. This sorts the list of treasures in a group. It’s mostly of use when you use the next two buttons.

  3. Next to each lot of treasure is a [-] button. Click on it to delete that treasure lot.

  4. Next to each lot of treasure is a [%] button. Click on it to re-roll that treasure lot entirely.

In all four cases, the total stone and total gold listed at the top of each treasure group updates whenever you use the buttons.

Small tweaks

Magic sword results now specify the type of sword (short, normal, or two-handed).

I also did a second editorial pass for mispellings, small typos, table correctness, and the like. You may or may not notice, but that stuff drives me crazy.

Sorting now works the tiniest bit better.

Forgot to mention: the old generator can still be accessed here:

I’ve edited the original post, but just in case someone already read it, this will let them know.

Just wanted to say, this is VERY nice. Do you intend to ever add a checkbox or similar so that the “swingier” hoards (described in the first “tweak” of the rules on the web page) are possible?

Not currently - individual preferences complicate code quite a bit.

I’ve started work on my home campaign version of the treasure generator:
Eíre Treasure Generator.

The original will remain available (and will see bug-fixes and/or modifications to adhere to the official rules) - but the real love is going into the home campaign version :-).

Currently, I’ve updated magical weaponry (there is a lot more variety now) and scrolls (all of the spells in Player’s Companion are now represented).

Personally, I’ve been playing with it by hitting “R” for the treasure type and then clicking on the [+] symbol above Weapons to make a bunch of magical weapons and letting the ideas flow.

Some of my favorites:

morningstar +2 (cast cure light wounds* once per hour [cleric-1])
shapechanger +1 (club, dagger, hand axe, spear)
polearm +1 (vorpal) (sentient: Lawful; INT 10 (speech); EGO 1; Will 11; lang 1; powers [clairvoyance as spell, detect invisible or hidden as spell, detect secret doors as wand])

The Eíre version now has two additional tricks:

  1. Treasure maps now generate the treasure the map leads to! In some cases, this includes a scroll, and sometimes that scroll is another treasure map, in which case the treasure for that map is also generated. These sub-lists are still experimental, but so far, so good.

  2. I replaced the alternative coin lots with a somewhat different algorithm. First it determines a target of 2d9×100 coins in value. Then it pulls from a list of mercantile goods (every mercantile good except grain/vegetables is provided!) that can approximate that value, and puts in enough of the good to get as close to the value as possible.

  3. Sorting now works how I wanted it to work in the beginning - by item name, rather than container.

I know you said preferences complicate things, but MAN. I want parts of the Eire generator mixed into the Standard generator so bad.

I will put some serious consideration into it. Thank you for the comments, whether I can help or not.

sorry it sounds like a cool program but i click the link and could not chose any treasure am i doing something wrong

There are two likely causes:

  1. The treasure generator requires JavaScript to function. If you have JavaScript turned off, the treasure generator won’t work.

  2. It’s also possible that there is a browser compatibility issue I’ve missed. If you have JavaScript turned on (and you’ve clicked on the alert that allows content controls to run on the page), but it still doesn’t work, let me know, and I will dig into possible compatibility issues. Based on the timing of your post, it looks like you are on Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista?

Also: If JavaScript is on and you are getting the error, could you look for a yellow “!” icon in your status bar? If it’s there, click on it, and it will give you an error message. PM me (or post in this thread) the error message - that will be very helpful for me fixing the problem.

Update on bug report, above: I think I found the bug—it specifically affects Internet Explorer 8, and has the (if vaguely described) results in the original post. If so, I fixed it (and it was worth fixing anyway).

If it’s still a problem, please let me know, and if you can include the error message, please do.

Further update: there are actually two bugs related to IE8. One I could fix, the other I can’t.

IE8, against all reason, can’t handle certain kinds of code loops, and I need those for the treasure generator. So … IE9 or higher, I’m afraid. (Or any other modern browser.)