Alternate Treasure Generator

In the category of re-inventing the wheel, I needed a treasure generator that I could customize for my campaign, and which I could automate to death without hammering Autarch’s website … so I wrote one.

It works almost identically to Autarch’s generator - you select a treasure type, it generates it.

The main differences:

It is blazingly fast - the whole thing exists in JavaScript, so once you’ve loaded the page, there are no further server loads or AJAX calls.

For the most part, it follows the rules more slavishly. (The rules exceptions I am aware of are described on the web page - if you find a rules exception that isn’t listed, it’s a bug. PM me here, and I’ll poke at it.)

It calculates a few more sub-totals for you. An example entry looks like this:

Silver (68 3⁄6 stone; 2,425 gold) 7,000 silver coins (total 7 stone, 700 gold) dyes and pigments (one jar; total 5 stone, 50 gold) fur pelts, bear/beaver/fox/etc. (11 bundles; total 33 stone, 165 gold) horns, animal (68 horns; total 13 3⁄6 stone, 1,360 gold) tea, loose leaf (two bags; total 10 stone, 150 gold)

Gold (10 stone; 3,980 gold)
3,000 gold coins (total 3 stone, 3,000 gold)
carcasses, giant gecko (3HD; two carcasses; total 6 stone, 180 gold)
spices (one jar; total 1 stone, 800 gold)

And one non-difference:

The line items are editable - you can add items or remove them, if you wish, although sub-totals won’t update (once the text is generated, it’s just text). I only mention this because they don’t look editable.

Looks really good.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

This is very nice.

How easy/difficult would it be to adapt it to use a different set of treasure data?

I’ve found that after a couple of hoards the presence of silver arrows, engraved teeth and bags of saffron gets a bit samey, so I’ve been looking at a treasure document written by Courtney from

He’s produced a 13 page document all about treasure. There’s some crossover with ACKS, but his random tables add a helluva lot of additional options for treasure types which I suspect could be incorporated into the ACKS tables with a little effort (and maybe permission).

I however lack the programming skillz to make it happen…

If his additional options were incorporated into the ACKS tables, I could probably adapt the end result into the treasure generator pretty easily. And - perhaps more importantly - I would be more willing to at that point ;-).

The 13-page document uses a very different algorithm for producing treasure than ACKS does, however - I would pretty much have to write a separate generator for it, and I would rather polish the one I’ve written.

It’s also worth noting that any human-written, human-readable treasure generation system is going to have sketchy areas that, in code, require some “creative interpretation” by the programmer. However, the ACKS tables had a really minimal amount of this, and that 13-page document has a lot of it - incorporating the document into the ACKS tables would go a long way toward making it easier to program.

My earlier post was not very clearly written. Summary: As written, I cannot easily adapt it. If converted to the ACKS format, I could probably adapt it pretty easily.