Alternate weapons usable by Class

This House Rule lessens the restrictions on weapon use allowed by class, while attempting to remain mostly balanced.  Mages will benefit the most from this change, as it allows them to use pretty much every weapon, though often with reduced effectiveness.

In ACKs Player Companion, weapon and armor allowed by class is determined by the number of points in Fighting the class has.  

Classes with 2 or more points are allowed any armor, weapon, and fighting style, those with 0 points cannot use armor or any special fighting styles, and those with 1 point lie somewhere in between.

This replaces the classifications of allowed armor, weapons, and fighting styles with the following 8 Fighting Skills:

Skill        Effect
Armor(Light)          Allows use of Hide and Leather armor
Armor(Medium)     Allows use of Scale and Chain armor, must also have Armor(Light)
Armor(Heavy)       Allows use of Banded and Plate armor, must also have Armor(Medium)
Shields                Allows use of Shield fighting style
Dual Wield           Allows use of Dual Wielding fighting style
Two Handed         Allows improved use of weapons in two hands
Missile                Allows improved use of ranged weapons
Reach                Allows improved use of reach weapons

Classes with 2 or more points in Fighting, gain access to all 8
Classes with 1 point in Fighting gain access to 4 of the 8
Classes with 0 points in Fighting do not have any of the 8 skills

Each skill can then be traded away as per trading away a Fighting Style per the Player's Companion

Thief: Armor(Light), Dual Wield, Missile, Reach
Cleric: Armor(Light), Armor(Medium), Armor(Heavy), Shields
    (With further weapon restriction of Blunt only from Divinity rank)

Note that this means the Cleric is lacking Two Handed, which it normal gains.  They may still use two handed weapons of course, but deal less damage than a Fighter.

The list of weapons is then realized as the following.  With additional/upgraded properties based on whether the character has certain of the above combat skills or not

Weapon        Dmg    Special                                         Skilled
Dagger               d4    Small, Throw(4)
Dart                   d4    Small, ThrownOnly(4)
Bola                  d2    ThrownOnly(4)                            [Missile] Entangle
Sap                   d4    Small, Knockout(2)
Javelin              d6    ThrownOnly(4)
Light Weapon    d6    Throw(4)
Hand Weapon    d6                                                     [TwoHanded] Versatile(d8)
Great Weapon    d8    Large, Slow                               [TwoHanded] Dmg = d10
Staff                 d6    Carried, Fragile, 
Spear               d6    Carried, Fragile                           [Reach] Charge, Set, Rank
                               First Strike                                 [TwoHanded] Versatile(d8)
Polearm           d8    Large, Fragile, Slow                     [Reach] Charge, Set, Rank
                              First Strike                                  [TwoHanded] Dmg = d10
Lance              d8    Mounted, Carried,                       [TwoHanded] Dmg = d10
                              Fragile, Slow
Whip                d2                                                    [Reach] Grab(2)
Net                  -      Wrestle(2)
Sling               d4    Ranged(4), Small
Crossbow       d6    Ranged(1), SP                               [Missile] Ranged(2)
Arbalist          d8    Ranged(1/2), Large, SP                  [Missile] Ranged(2)
Short Bow      d6    Ranged(1), Fragile                         [Missile] Ranged(4)
Long Bow       d6    Ranged(1), Fragile                         [Missile] Ranged(3)
                             Large, Str(9)
Composite Bow    d6    Ranged(1), TwoHands              [Missile] Ranged(4)

Light Weapons: Short Sword, Hand Axe, Club
Hand Weapons: Sword, Battleaxe, Mace, Flail, War Hammer
Great Weapon: Morning Star, Great Axe, Two Handed Sword

While mostly by the book, keywords were used to express any special rules associated with a weapon, with the follow definitions.

Small                     Weapon can be easily carried and concealed
Throw(x)                Weapon can be thrown, with a cleave limit of X
ThrownOnly(x)       Weapon can only be thrown, with a cleave limit of X
Entangle               Weapon can be used to make a Knockdown or Wrestle manuever
Knockout              Weapon gains a +X bonus when making an Incapacitate manuever
Wrestle(X)            Weapon can be used to make a Wrestle manuever with a +X
Grab(X)                Weapon grants +X bonus to disarm and knock down manuevers
Carried                 Weapon must be carried
Large                   Weapon must be carried, wielded in two hands, and cannot be used mounted
Slow                    Weapon imposses a -1 penalty to Initiative
Versatile(X)          Damage of weapon is X when used in two hands
Fragile                 Weapon is easier to break than normal
First Strike           Weapon allows first strike against a closing opponent if aware and unengaged
Charge                Weapon deals double damage on a charge
Set                     Weapon deals double damage against a charging opponent
Rank                  Weapon can be used from a second rank
Mounted             Weapon can only be used while mounted with appropriate Ride proficiency
Ranged(X)          Ranged weapon that with a cleave limit of X
SP                    (Self Propelled) damage with weapon is not modified by Strength adjustment
Two Hands        Weapon requires both hands to attack
Str(X)                 Weapon requires a minimum Strength score of X to allow use