An Idea for Alex

On the Paizo forums the head honchos etc of Paizo participate on the forums which I think is quite kewl. Same thing here with Alex. I also post on the enworld forums and the moderation is quite good and there are a wide variety of D&D topic discussed and labels to show what people are talking about.

There is also a lot of traffic. IDK if it is a good idea or not but Alex would you consider an introduction Q&A thread over there about ACKs where you could promote it and interact with a larger community?

I think Tavis tried that once; it went poorly :\

Edition warring?

It’s a little of that - if ENWorld did only one thing, it created the “new school grognard”. They had some really good Story Hours though, and back in the hey-day of the d20 explosion it was a good place. I haven’t been back there regularly since '05 or so though.

I googled for mentions of ACKS on ENWorld, and I’ve got two takeaways:

  1. There was supposed to be an online SRD? :wink:

  2. A lot of the blog posts where Alex et. al. pontificate on the protostructure of ACKS are no longer available on the live web - any idea where they went?

ENworld has good moderation now probably due to the 3rd and 4E split and you use OSR, 3rd ed, PF, 4E type labels on your posts. OSR ones tend to fly under the radar due to the 3rd and 4E split/fall out/war.

Enworld is my favorite D&D community site, good moderation and some great folks.

I don’t know how folks will receive ACKS in there, in the few threads it was mentioned it received some positives responses but the forum got more people who are intrested in 3e/4e/D&DNext than OSR, otoh the economic model of all of these editions is broken and a lot of folks know it, so that’s a thing ACKS got for it.

What I would love is if Alex and Tavis could start thinking about a companion book for D&DNext with ACKS style for domain management, economic model and everything else.


I miss Psion’s reviews, and some of the blog posts that were lost in an overhaul of yesteryear. Fond memories, but not much else there for me now.

SRD would not be a hard thing for the community to put together… I once put most of True20 into an Obsidian Portal wiki as a pseudo-SRD for my players. It’s mostly just copy-paste-link grunt work, along with a little hosting and administration facilitation.

Things other than those at the Blog link up top? Would be curious to see; some of Alex’s posts are excellent.

Doing some digging, it may be that the URLs changed at some point and the links are dead because of that, not necessarily lost content…meh. :slight_smile:

We would love to have some folks from the community work on an SRD of the rules. It just hasn’t been something I’ve had time to tackle, or any of the other Autarch folks.

(And thanks for the kind words on the posts.)

At this time we don’t anticipate creating a separate set of mechanics solely to support D&D Next. My sense is that attempting to mechanically support Wizards (or Paizo) is a bad business; most players want “official” rules and more and more Wizards hardcodes its official rules into its online backend.

We’d be more likely to, e.g., do a version of Auran Empire compatible with D&D Next, and include domain rules into that.

Of course, I’d be happy to do an introductory Q&A thread. However, I wouldn’t want to do it unsolicited if we were going to be blasted with negativity or trolls. If we had moderator support, of course, yes.

If we were to build one, would you want it hosted on, or somewhere else?

Do you mind if I ask Morrus about it then Alex if you do not have an account?

And, what’s IP in the books? Anything else other than references to the Auran Empire and the example character names? Backer-created monsters?

From the OGL:

“The following is designated as product identity: All trademarks,
registered trademarks, proper names (characters, deities, etc.),
dialogue, plots, storylines, locations, characters, artworks, logos,
symbols, graphic designs, and trade dress.”

Looks like backer-created monsters are probably fine.

Right. It’s virtually all OGL except for occasional mentions of the Auran Empire.

Yes, we’d be happy to host on

Is anyone currently working on this at all? I emailed GregTito about it a couple of days ago. If not I have some free time, I’m not exactly fluent with drupal, but I could probably figure it out.