An invitation for play-by-post ACKS

Anyone else up for playing ACKS via forum, email, social media, or

I don’t want to shape the conversation too early, but I’m up for play in the implied Auran Empire, one of the homebrews detailed in [AP], or a nigh-unending attempt at Dwimmermount. I think the more narrative nature of combat in old-school fantasy will lend itself very well to written play, and not having to worry about coordinating schedules should be conducive to long-term play.

To be clear, I’m not a DM, and I’m not volunteering to captain this ship. I am hoping, however, that a cunning judge will recognize the strong potential for convenient and bountiful PC-flesh inherent in this proposal. :slight_smile:

I’d be up for this! I can function well w/ forum/email/rpol. I don’t think I can commit to DMing right now but would definitely want to play.

wait, apparently I am not proficient with this new forum. name shouldn’t have been anonymous, this is Ryan Browning

I’d love to play, but sadly, I don’t know the system well enough to try to run it (I just received my core rulebook this week). I’ve never really done a formal play by post, only a quasi version in my Epic Words forums that are for our actual play game nights with players who couldn’t make it.

I would be interested to play in Dwimmermount, but I am not familiar with ACKS… How different is it from, say, OD&D?

I will play or DM, although if DM, I prefer a forum or e-mail. I’ve not used before, but I’ll try it if the group chooses. I haven’t played using social media or a virtual table top before. If you’d like me to DM, please Private Message me with the e-mail address you prefer to use, any strong preference of forum, setting or adventure, and maybe a sentence about your experience with ACKS or D&D. Thanks!

Thieran, ACKS is very similar to the “B/X” Basic/Expert rules. If you don’t have the ACKS main rulebook, but can “speak” Basic or Labyrinth Lord to the group, I can help you with the differences.

hiho, i’m interessted, too. pm sent…

Happy to hear we might have a DM! I’ve PM’ed, as well. :slight_smile:

I would love to do a play by post. With my own game (Sundered Empires in the AP forum) I’m a bit busy to try and run another game, but I’d love to get the chance to play and PbP would be about the right speed for me. Let me know if there is still room!


Tywyll, bzarhands, Ryan and Beastman have PMed me. I’ll be contacting you soon about creating characters and getting the game up and running.

On the assumption that folks may temporarily or permanently drop out over time (Life happens), I’ll take up to four more participants in the game. PM me if you’re interested.


PM sent!

I’d be interested! Nobody likes to play cool games where I live. PM’d!

Hello all,

It’s with both happiness and sadness that I write that our campaign has a full complement of PCs. If any openings should develop, I’ll post again in this thread.

For anyone looking for a PbP game of ACKS, I encourage you to start a thread like this one. Seems like new folk are dropping by all the time.