Any ETA on the point buy system

Just curious about the development timetable on this. It was teased on Kickstarter, but I haven't found much about it on the forums here. For the moment, I'm using equal-BR substitutions as an alternative method for doing some customization of pre-made armies.

Oh, and a couple errata for the exotic units in DoW: Battles (p 79) I noticed while updating my card-printing spreadsheet database...

1. The attack throws for ancient and venerable dragons are reversed.

2. The "throw boulder" attack standard to giants is missing for cyclopes. (Ordinarily I'd just call this a designer choice, but it's mentioned in the core rules and it's also an iconic cyclops ability dating back to Homer.)

No ETA yet. I’m hard at work on Lairs & Encounters and Guns at War at present.

  1. Arrgh.

  2. Oops!