Anyone interested in a playbypost using ACKS?

Hey. I’m a GM interested in running a playbypost game using ACKS on My setting is a mythical one based upon an almagamation of eastern european and byzantine folklore; with a heavy dose of ‘new’ material as well. You would be starting off at 1st level amongst a rather strongly myth level setting, so death could be around any corner. The squeamish need not apply :slight_smile: - though I AM rooting for you!, just don’t make any mistakes as characters. Anyhow, reply if interested and I’ll PM you particulars. Posting rate would be a minimum of 4 posts a week, though those posts can be of varying lengths. Anyone that would need to go on vacations or just need a break, I’d be willing to NPC you for periods of time as needed. Real life throws wrenches all the time. This is a best effort by all, but should be much fun. I really love ACKS, but have had a hard time finding folks that want to play face2face or via G+ Hangouts. playbypost if my next effort to play this awesome system.

I’m interested. Following chargen based on the rulebook? Any restrictions on classes?

Interested as well! Is there any recomendet background / setting information out there?

OK. I’m in. Let’s see if I can take it as well as I dish it out.

I’d be interested in playing if you still have places.

I’m interested

I’m game, as long as I don’t have to install yet more software. How will this work, technically speaking?

So… Do you think he forgot about us?

I was wondering that myself. Doesn’t say much for the potential length of a campaign…

I found it strange that the G+ post where he announced the PbP got deleted a handful of hours after its creation. I wonder whats up…

Aw, and here I had gotten my hopes up. :frowning:

Aw, and here I had gotten my hopes up. :frowning:

Ha! Accidentally spazzed on the ‘Save’ button.

Well, maybe one of you guys want to spring something from the ashes of this thread. One of you interested in running a PbP? I’d love to play in a sandbox campaign, seeing as I’m always the GM, never the player. And it would give me something to look at throughout the work day.

I’m considering it, but I’m already running one PbP game, and I was kind of hoping to play as well.

And then there’s the matter of preparation as well. I’ve got a nice region map and a few city names. I’ve got a couple of dungeons and locations, too. So, it’s not insurmountable, especially if you guys are familiar with ACKs and I don’t have to explain everything and keep track of all of your information.

Also, I’m not super-familiar with

So, if somebody else wants to jump on this, great, but I’ll see if I’ve got time for this.

How are you running your PbP game?

Here’s my current game:
ACKs Red Tide Campaign on

Pretty much just a regular forum, though there are features like PC avatars per thread, and links to a “Character Valut

Not perfect, but it’s worked so far.

I am currently in a PbP campaign: and we use Google Groups for the mails (I think RPOL has pretty much the same features) and a wiki for bookkeeping and stuff (

I currently got my hands full with my own campaign ( so I certainly cant start to GM in a new one…
I wonder if it would be possible to mesh a normal one with PbP.

I will have to ponder that…

Sorry. No I have not forgotten about this. I was out of town on vacation. I want to establish a full background page, including character creation instructions before posting again on this. I jumped the gun before having better information available online for folks to decide on characters from. Give me a little time and I’ll re-post here with more particulars. (hopefully within two work days) There is also one interested party on that replied there so we have enough to play a campaign if folks are still interested. Reply if still interested please.

So, my “setting” is mostly a non-setting. Very little information beyond your standard “remnants of empire / points of light” thing. Also Dwarves are ancestor-worshipers, Elves have black, soulless eyes and feral souls, and there’s a relatively recent thing called “shadow-dragons” that hide in the dark and kill without sound.

I’ve also been doubling treasure found, because PCs advance slowly enough as it is, and PbP just makes that worse.

Anyway, I’m not an old-school expert, but if people are still interested, it looks like I’m willing to do this.

“La elfoj loĝis en la arbaro, kaj kaŝis en la arboj. Iliaj senanimaj okuloj estis tiel nigra kiel nokto, kaj iliaj oreloj estis kiel tranĉiloj.”